The ECHO Bravo reel is a medium priced high performance fly reel with a smooth, fully sealed, saltwater resistant carbon-fibre-drag system and a “pit-stop” design, for easy tool-free access to all components.

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With the ECHO Bravo reel Tim Rajeff and his team have created a medium priced high performance saltwater reel which is suitable for targeting both saltwater and freshwater species such as permit, bonefish, redfish, salmon, huchen or pike.

The Bravo has a smooth, fully sealed, saltwater resistant carbon-fibre-drag system with a “pit-stop” design, for easy tool-free access to all components. It is made of a durable, aluminium alloy and its large arbour design allows for fast line retrieval, reduces line memory and has a low startup inertia at any drag setting.

ECHO Bravo Reels prove that sealed, saltwater resistant carbon fibre drag systems don’t have to cost a fortune and they offer a serious alternative for anyone looking for top performance on a tight budget.


  • ALL NEW Saltwater-safe PIT STOP drag system featuring maintenance-free carbon fibre disc
  • Premium roller clutch bearing system for a smooth, instantly-engaged drag
  • Large arbour design for faster line pickup
  • Durable, solid aluminium alloy construction
  • Incoming/outgoing audible click
  • Easily convertible from left to right hand retrieve
  • Large arbour spool design for fast line pickup and low line memory
  • Tool-free access to all components
  • Warranty:  12 Month Limited Warranty

Model Overview Table

ECHO BRAVO Reel - Model Overview

BRAVO794.25"/108mm1.25"/25mm240gWF8 + 180m/20lb
BRAVO8104.5"/114mm1.35"/34mm250gWF9 + 180m/20lb
BRAVO10124.75"/121mm1.5"/38mm260gWF10 + 230m/30lb

Further Information

Rajeff Sports would like your ECHO experience to be a good one and we ask that you take care of your equipment with the following regular maintenance.
Wash all components with warm freshwater after each days use in saltwater. Pay extra attention to the space where the guides meet the blank and the metal parts of the reel seat. Try to keep sand and dirt out of the ferrules. Occasionally use a few drops of any reel oil or grease on the reel seat threads to keep it operating smoothly. Paraffin wax can also be used on the ferrules if needed to ensure a proper fit.
Do not use tape on your ferrules. If you do we’ll come steal all your bacon and PBR.