OPST Dubbing Spinner

The OPST Dubbing Spinner is a unique fly tying tool that that makes spinning complex composite dubbing loops for your Intruders and salmon flies an easy task.

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OPST Dubbing Spinner

The OPST dubbing spinner is one of the easiest to use, most enjoyable dubbing spinners on the market. The first thing you will notice about is the weight; its heavier than most other spinners. Because of this the OPST  spinner has the momentum to keep on spinning, no matter how dense a composite loop you can dream up.

We really believe that the folks at OPST have designed one of the best spinners out there, and the fact that it’s hard to keep in stock shows that other people think so too. The hook is easy to insert and extract from the dubbing loop. No flimsy wire, no irritating double loop setups- just a perfectly balanced, properly weighted dubbing spinner that will make your tying more fun.

Oh and it doesn’t roll off the fly tying bench either.