OPST Pure Skagit

This rod line-up is targeted toward the fishing of large trout up to Canadian and Alaskan King Salmon and the Pure Skagit Rod has a true medium-fast action.



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OPST is proud to release its very own line of Micro Skagit and Pure Skagit Two-Handed Rods. It includes six rods in total. Ranging from a 9’9” 3wt up to an 11’6” 8wt. This line-up is classified by design differences, into two categories: Micro Skagit and Pure Skagit rods. Skagit Legend Ed Ward designed these rods. In order for the taper to represent Ed’s concept, OPST & Ed developed and tested over five years. They represent decades of dedication purely to sustained-anchor two-handed casting.  A rod reflects its designer, and these rods are a true illustration of Ed’s vision.

The Pure Skagit Rod line-up is definitively more focused on Spey/Skagit-type two-handed casting. Represented by a 10’8” 6wt, an 11’ 7wt, an 11’6’ 8wt, they depart from our Micro Series in a few ways. The upper grips are double-welled and thus more aligned with contemporary two-handed rods under 12’, while the lower handles remain switch-style. These rods are also faster than the Micro series and have a true medium-fast action that casts off the upper third of the taper. This taper loads very well during the Sweep phase of the Skagit casting sequence and it maintains that load into the Forward Cast, with a very crisp final delivery. This rod line-up is targeted toward the fishing of large trout up to Canadian and Alaskan King Salmon.



  • Action: Medium-fast
  • Tube: Includes Rod case & sock
  • 4 piece travel design
  • Warranty

Model Overview Table

OPST PURE SKAGIT Rods Overview & Line Recommendation

PURE-610810'8"#64275g / 300g Commando Smooth Line or Commando Head
PURE-711011'0"#74375g / 350g Commando Head
PURE-811611'6"#84375g / 400g Commando Head
PURE-912012'0"#94400g / 425g Commando Head